Whenever I talk to fellow fat yoga practitioners, it doesn't take long for the following topic to come up in conversation: What the hell do you wear when practicing? While people wear as much or as little as they want in home practice (and birthday suits always fit!) fat yogis who take or teach classes need alternatives to nudity.

Thus, I'm going to take that ever-present clothing conversation out of the changing room and onto this blog. Every so often, I'm going to discuss athletic/yoga wear I try, and I've rounded up a few fat friends with different body shapes to talk about their findings. If we can learn what works from each other, all the better! (And if you have any plus size yoga or athletic wear reviews/experiences, feel free to submit them! I'll publish them under this tag.)

And hey, there is an upside to being a fat yogi! We never have to deal with Lululemon pants.

Here's to practicing yoga without wardrobe malfunctions or obscenity charges!


Mandie Caroll
11/12/2013 12:03pm

I love this idea! I have the hardest time with pants for yoga. It's all about the waist for me -- I hate elastic, which digs in and feels constricting, and love foldover waists, which I mostly never fold over -- but they are hard to find in non-see through and affordable styles. I just ordered a bunch of pants from Old Navy and Athleta (both have plus size selections) -- if you want, I can let you know what I think.


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