PictureMe in the Snow Bunny Anorak Ski Jacket
So there was an upside to visiting the snowy California mountains recently, and that was getting to experience some real winter. I will admit: we Los Angeles people are weak when it comes to weather. My husband repeats the (in)famous story of my first trip to Boston in the winter. Again, it was for an academic conference, and again, I had only "professional" shoes with me.

Except back then, my "professional" shoes were all sandals, and me stomping through snow in my open-toed numbers brought much hilarity to the locals (and my Pittsburgh-born husband).

So I've learned a few lessons. Don't dress for Los Angeles when you're not in Los Angeles.

Luckily, the people at Junonia are infinitely more wise -- and weather savvy -- than your humble narrator, and they sent me this adorable
Snow Bunny Anorak Ski Jacket to review.

I have a long history with Junonia clothing. For a very, very long time, Junonia was the only purveyor of plus size performance gear, and they are still the best. In my youth, I traveled to some very remote places, and it was Junonia clothing that kept me from getting blistered by the sun in Tanzania and happily trekking through SE Asia.

I guess you could say that as a fat athlete and traveler, I always felt like Junonia had my back. And they did.

PictureMe on safari, keeping cool in Junonia Activewear
This Snow Bunny Anorak Ski Jacket is another example of that. I am not a skier, but I am a weak, weak SoCal girl who gets frigidly cold in the snow. But I didn't own a proper snow jacket, because frankly, I feel like a marshmallow in many of them. They are too bulky and cumbersome, and I don't have a lot of patience for clothing that doesn't do what I want it to do.

This jacket is very much the opposite of that. It is warm -- warm enough to keep me from complaining as I trudged through the snow -- but not at all bulky. The warmth comes from the performance fabric, not layers and layers and layers.

The jacket looks rather cute too -- it cinches in at the waist to help define your shape, and it comes in this non-boring color (yay for non-boring colors!). And because it's Junonia, there are a million thoughtful details. The hood is detachable, there is a zipper *and* snaps for closures, there are a million pockets inside for storing everything from gloves to conference programs, and it is long enough to keep your backside covered and warm.

Sizing wise, I am on the cusp of the size charts for this baby. I fall pretty solidly into the 3X measurements for Junonia, but I have 60" hips. I ended up getting the 4X in this coat, and I'm glad I did. It fit perfectly, and without a lot of room to spare in the hips. I would not have been able to fasten the 3X. For reference, I am 5'10 -- the jacket is generous in length, but not long enough to get in your way.

So add this to the arsenal of quality fat girl athletic gear. If you're a skier, you should own this. And if you're a pathetic SoCal girl who finds herself in the snowy mountains, you should probably own this as well. Thanks Junonia, for helping us get -- and keep -- our sport on.


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